And here we have it - the first song released as THE LARK IN LINEN. I'm going to ramble for a little bit here, because that's just what I like to do. It's also something i'm very good at, perhaps because i've had so much practice...

It's been many months since I made the decision to get organised and actually record some songs. I've had tracks ready and waiting, but for some reason i just couldn't make myself get down to it. Bizarrely, it had had nothing to do with my natural hyperactive distractibility. I would go to record and I would spend hours working on a track, only for me to step back from it all in exasperation and hating what i'd done. I spent many a day feeling like i'd been wasting my time, feeling as though I wasn't making any progress - because let's face it, I wasn't. I loved writing songs, I loved singing those songs... but that fondness was rapidly draining away during the recording process, along with my confidence.

You see, i'd forgotten something that a friend had said to me.

'Perfectionism is the death of creativity.'

He also said 'Just fucking do it'... but i thought some might prefer not to see those words in large text across their screen.

It was these words that motivated me to record some demos to send off, asking if I could perform at the OBOD summer gathering this past June (that and the encouragement and support of my dear friends, of course). Had i obsessed over these tracks, trying to make them perfect, they would have stayed as unfinished projects, a bitter reminder of my inability to achieve every time I opened Garageband. I also would never have gotten to perform at the summer gathering and that was a truly wonderful experience.